Thousands of Sharks Are Swarming Past Florida Right Now, And the Footage Is Terrifying

Seriously, do NOT go in the water.

Sharks, those gentle wanderers of the oceans, have to follow the food. Every year many breeds migrate, often en masse, to destinations around the world. 

Like the Blacktip shark, which likes the waters off the east coast of Florida.

Blacktips aren’t monster-sized like Great Whites. They’re about five feet long. But they’re still sharks, and seeing their fins poking from the water can be unsettling. Seeing thousands of fins? Holy crap.

Nature is merciless though. Even the nominally dangerous Blacktip has predators, and one guy demonstrated this when he took amazing video of a Hammerhead preying on the 2017 swarm. 

Without Hammerheads picking them off, the migration is huge, 10,000 or more. They’re simply looking for other fish, but watch the videos below of the incredible armada of razor-toothed predators and admit it: Imagining yourself caught in the middle of that is a true nightmare.

As the narration in the video below states, these sharks do present the greatest danger to spring breakers

Though technically, a load of college kids trapped in an underwater stampede like this might damage the sharks as well—who knows if a shark is capable of surviving such a dangerous level of alcohol in its blood?

Great Whites are dramatic, but these guys are the real danger.

Blacktip Shark wilding out

If you need more convincing at just how intense this migration can be, watch the video below, and watch out for those black-tipped fins when you’re drunkenly splashing in the water.