A New Dating App Study Reveals Exactly How Much We Talk About Hooking Up

It can get pretty raunchy.


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If you’re one of the 7.1-something billion people on earth, you’re probably one of the many dudes who pulls out his phone and texts his buddies about a hot girl they want to hook up with, or already slept with. Preferably through a group chat. You do this, don’t hide it. But who else does this?

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To find out the nitty gritty of this situation, Blend, an app that combines group texts with images and videos, did some research by taking a peek at some of the group chats of users.

Analyzing the group chats of over 200,000 Blend users, it was found that over a third of millennials talk about hookups in group chats at least once a week. At least. That could mean some people talk about it once a day. Maybe even 50 times a day. 5,084 times a day. Who knows?

It was also revealed that the most mentioned dating app is Tinder (obviously), mentioned in 42% of messages, followed by Bumble at 25%, and Hinge at 16%. What can I say – we just love Tinder.

When it comes to emojis, the one most often associated with dating apps isn’t the eggplant, as it turns out. Surprising, right? However, it is in the top five. 

The number 1 dating app emoji is the heart-eyes-face taking over 16% of messages, then the winky face at 14%, the angry arms-crossed emoji at 11%, the robust eggplant at only 6%, followed by the red lips with 5%. The butt-shaped peach is down the list somewhere too, don’t worry.

One of the more surprising findings is that apparently, men seem to talk about dating apps with their buddies in group chats a lot more than women do. It turns out that of all the times a dating app was mentioned in the analysis, 79% of the time it was men who were talking about it, leaving women talking about dating apps a lot less at just 21% of the time. Well, maybe it’s not so surprising to hear that men are big-time Tinderellas. We already knew that.

It was also revealed that men really like to use certain slightly juvenile words, like each time the word “bang” was used (as in, “I’m going to bang that chick”) 92% of the time it was said by a bro. Same with “bone,” with guys saying it 96% of the time, and “dtf,” which was said by men 88% of the time. So yeah, the ladies have a more sophisticated texting vocabulary. So what.

Funny thing is, the most popular time for said raunchy words is in the morning, between 10am and 12pm. Maybe that’s the time you’re thinking about banging or boning a chick who’s totally dtf. Makes sense, right?

Well, there you have it. Some statistics you never knew you needed to know. Have a nice day.