Watch This Angry Bobcat Pounce On a Turkey Hunter, Because It’s Kind of Hilarious

Bobcat: 1, hunter: 0.

Bobcat Promo
Photo: Getty Images

Wild turkeys might seem like easy pickings for a gun-toting hunter, but things can get complicated when your bird hunt is interrupted by a vicious wild cat that wants to maul your damn face off. 

That’s how it went down for a Virginia hunter who captured the Youtube clip above. While out hunting turkeys, he suddenly found himself in an intense stare-down with a seriously pissed-off bobcat. 

Image: Viral Hog/YouTube

Initially, the feral feline looks to be merely inspecting the guy who’s trampling around the cat’s turf. 

Image: Viral Hog/YouTube

But the dynamic shifts as the bobcat moves in closer to the camera, twitches its tail, and leaps on the two-legged interloper, sending the hunter fleeing for safety–quite possibly with a fresh load in his pants. 

A full-grown bobcat tips the scales at just 30 to 40 pounds, so you might think that they’d have their work cut out for them if one were to attack a grown-ass man. However, these ill-tempered bastards have been known to kill animals as big as deer when they’re desperate for food.

Bottom line: you do not want to fuck with them. Here’s some more proof: 

h/t: Bro Bible