Watch This Bow Hunter Get Attacked By an Angry Black Bear and Live to Cuss at the Camera

He had it coming.

Black Bear
Getty Images

A bow hunter foraging the Canadian wilderness near Fire River, Ontario, filmed the terrifying moment a black bear attacked and knocked him on his ass. Needless to say, the footage above is intense. 

At the beginning of the clip, hunter Richard Wesley curiously—and stupidly—walks toward the beast. Things start getting hairy at around the 45 second mark as the predator detects Wesley and moseys on over to investigate. 

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The hunter makes his second mistake as he postures up, frantically yells something unintelligible, and appears to actually take aim at the now-pissed off bear for a split second before it charges and knocks him to the ground. 

Wesley proceeds to hightail it out of the area and spew a slew of more indecipherable remarks. Among them, he can be heard saying, “Fuck me. Should have shot him a long time ago.” Yeah, or maybe you should haven’t gotten so close in the first place. 

Then again, it could have been worse. Leo got entirely fucked up by a grizzly in The Revenant, but at least his character was smart enough to bring a gun.

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