Why Some ‘American Sniper’ Fans Are Annoyed That Bradley Cooper Was At The DNC

Chris Kyle, he ain’t.

Did you catch a bearded and very attentive Bradley Cooper in the audience at the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday night? Cameramen certainly did, as we saw plenty of reaction shots of the star as he sat with his girlfriend, Russian supermodel and former Maxim cover girl Irina Shayk.

So did a whole lot of Republicans. And they’re pissed.

After his Oscar-nominated portrayal of late Navy SEAL Chris Kyle in American Sniper—which became a megahit in the U.S. by bringing in a largely conservative audience—many on the right were surprised and disappointed to see the actor amid the sea of Dems. A Twitterstorm ensued.


It actually turns out that Cooper, 41, is an actor, and his political beliefs aren’t necessarily reflected on the roles he picks. Go figure!

The DNC has seen a whole lot of star power this week: Elizabeth Banks, Eva Longoria and Angela Bassett all spoke, and many other celebs have been spotted around the convention center. Republicans had some stars at their convention too, though: Antonio Sabato, Jr.! Scott Baio! And um, that Duck Dynasty guy! 

Regardless, we say we should all just put this ugliness behind us and enjoy some shots of Irina, the real story here.