Walter White Lookalike’s Viral Mugshot Has ‘Breaking Bad’ Fans Seeing Double

The fugitive is wanted on meth charges, just like Walter White.

L: Galesburg

With his shaved head, glasses and goatee, Todd W. Barrick Jr. bears a striking resemblance to Bryan Cranston as Breaking Bad antihero and meth kingpin Walter White. 

Even weirder—or funnier, depending on your point of view: KWQC out of Iowa reports Barrick, 50, is currently wanted by Galesburg, Illinois police for violating probation for methamphetamine possession.

There is really no missing the joke here, and people spotted Barrick’s uncanny resemblance to White almost immediately after police posted his mugshot on their Facebook page on Sept. 3, 2019.

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From People magazine:

Galesburg Police say they posted Barrick’s booking photo in the hopes that someone would turn him in. The post soon went viral, with hundreds of people sharing and commenting on the uncanny resemblance. Many people posted animated GIFs and memes that feature Walter White.

No wonder the image went viral. Look at the guy. The facial expression is so Heisenberg-like you’d think he squinted like that on purpose. 

Now that the likes of Jimmy Kimmel are posting his image on Twitter for millions of followers, seems like it might be wise for Barrick to adopt a disguise. Like, say, a hat.

Breaking Bad

Okay, maybe not a hat. 

People have given police plenty of suggestions as to where to look for him, though, like a Facebook commenter who asked, “Have you tried Albuquerque? Perhaps at Los Pollos Hermanos.”

Because that’s the thing: As of Sept. 12, 2019, Todd Barrick Jr. is still at-large.

It’d be great if Barrick managed to stay free until October 11 only to be arrested while ironically watching Netflix’s El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, but surely the Galesburg police want him sooner than later.

There are no reports that Barrick is a violent criminal but still, be on the lookout and hope he’s not “the one who knocks.”