Canada Is Fully Legalizing Weed By 2018, And Seth Rogen Has Gotta Be Psyched

It’s the best thing to happen to Canada since Pam Anderson…

seth rogen

Canada just got a helluva lot more awesome for cannabis lovers. 

Our neighbors to the north are introducing legislation that will legalize recreational marijuana beginning on July 1, 2018. 

The laid-back law would allow Canadians 18 and over to legally purchase weed and keep up to four marijuana plants in their household, the CBC reports. 

Canadian provinces still have the option to raise the minimum weed-buying age if they want to, but that would be kind of a buzzkill, wouldn’t it? 

Could this be the new Canadian flag? (Photo: Getty)

Uproxx explains that the decriminalization of marijuana was long promised by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who rallied the youth vote with his pro-pot plan.

Although he’s failed to deliver on electoral reform, another contentious campaign promise, he’s proved that this one wasn’t just smoke.

Liberal Canadian leaders have said the country needs to legalize and regulate marijuana to keep the drugs “out of the hands of children, and the profits out of the hands of criminals.”

Nice one, Trudeau. We can only imagine that Canadian-born weed lover Seth Rogen has got to be swelling with national pride at this doozy of a development. 

Looks like those disaffected Americans who are perpetually threatening to move to Canada may finally have a legit reason to head to the Great White North.