This New Weed-Infused Workout Water Will Help Get You Jacked

Why not hydrate with your hydro?

Weed and workout water
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Who knows how long it will last, but marijuana is having a moment. From legalization for recreational and medicinal use in several states to infusing other party substances, the stuff you once had to hide under your mattress so dad wouldn’t steal it is coming into the light. Now a company called Puration wants to bring it into a surprising place—the gym.

Weed water

In a recent release Puration announced it is readying Everx CBD Infused water for distribution to Crossfitters and barbell bangers everywhere. The CBD in the product’s name stands for a hemp derivative, Cannabinoil. Here’s how Puration describes Cannabinoi’s benefits:

CBD is an ideal component of a pre and post workout regime. CBD works as an anti-inflammatory and relieves muscle spasms. CBD also works to relieve pain. CBD protects the heart, lungs and brain. Often essential when it comes to high intensity and competitive training, CBD reduces nausea, increases appetite and aides sleep. Ongoing research continues in regard to CBD as a treatment for sports related head trauma. CBD is not just a good addition to an athletes training regime; It can be the foundation of a healthy wellness routine for everyone   

The catch? It might aid in recovery, but it’s not party water. There’s buzz to be found in this H2O, just healing properties.

Which if you think about it is a very good thing, because no one wants the buddy spotting them while maxing out on bench press to get distracted by a case of the giggles.