CBD Oil UK: The UK’s 5 Best CBD Oils To Buy in 2021

Five stellar UK-based CBD oils worth trying right now.

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Cannabis oil and CBD products have rapidly become well known in the self-care wellness industry. Both the plant and oil offer many potential health benefits and millions of consumers already use CBD in their day to day lives. 

Post-Covid, the wellness trend is likely to grow, and the upcoming FSA regulation means only the highest-quality CBD brands will remain on the market in 2021 and beyond.

CBD (Cannabidiol), is not especially well understood by the public. We can help with that. We’ve reviewed several of the best CBD brands available right now in the United Kingdom, so you have many safe options to choose from. 

In selecting these brands you can feel confident using CBD as a relaxant—knowing that your product is completely safe and efficient.

What is CBD?

First, let’s take a close look at what exactly CBD oil is.


CBD is one of many cannabinoid compounds in the hemp and cannabis plant. The term CBD is short for cannabidiol. The substance is taken from the plant through a variety of extraction processes, then diluted with carrier oils like MCT oil, hemp seed oil, or coconut oil. 

Though extracted from hemp, CBD oil does not get you high. That’s because THC is responsible for the psychoactive effects of marijuana. CBD will only contain a small amount of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, if at all. As a result, high-quality CBD products do not carry enough THC content to become an illegal substance in the UK.

CBD Oil UK — The 5 best CBD oils you can buy today

Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned user of CBD, these are the UK’s best CBD oil brands to buy from in 2021, based on tests, customer reviews and feedback.

1. Blessed CBD


Our top pick: Blessed CBD. Voted as the best CBD Oil UK in more than one publication—including the Mirror, Observer, Reader’s Digest, Manchester Evening, Stoke Live, Birmingham Mail, LA Weekly, and QuitNet, Blessed CBD is known for high-quality products that you can depend on every time. Their products are made of non-GMO organic hemp.

The most popular product in Blessed CBD’s lineup is its tincture. These CBD tinctures offer 10ml of full-spectrum CBD oil. Doses range from 500mg to 1800 mg of CBD content. They also pack additional terpenes and flavonoids into their oil to encourage what’s called the entourage effect, which is pleasant effects associated with multiple compounds working together in synergy.

Blessed CBD offers free next-day delivery. Additionally, the brand’s great customer support team is active on social media—unlike most of the CBD brands in the UK market. 

The family-run team behind Blessed CBD is passionate about their products, and they’re our #1 top recommendation for a fully natural, plant-based, full-spectrum CBD oil.

Are they Trusted? 

Blessed CBD is one of many brands that offer third party lab results, making them highly trusted (they’re part of the Cannabis Trades Association). These lab reports offer insight into the exact content of their CBD offerings and are very transparent about exactly what ingredients go into their products.

Learn more at BlessedCBD.co.uk

2. Vibes CBD


Vibes CBD sources hemp extracts from Oregon and Colorado in the USA and offers many options to choose from. Notably, this brand offers CBD oil free of any THC and is considered broad-spectrum CBD. It’s a great option for those who are sensitive to even trace amounts of THC. Vibes CBD also offers a tasty fruit mix flavored CBD oil drops range, which makes using the oil easier with or without food.

If you’re not a fan of the natural taste of pure CBD oil, Vibes CBD’s oils are your answer. They also offer free next day delivery, and although new to the market, they’re certainly a brand to watch out for.

Are they Trusted?

Yes. Vibes CBD offers their lab reports inside the box. They are a trusted member of the CBD industry in the United Kingdom, despite being a fairly new player.

Learn more at VibesCBD.co.uk

3. Nova CBD

From the same team that runs Nutra CBD oil and GoldBee, Nova CBD uses the CO2 extraction process with their Cannabis Sativa-L extracts, creating the highest quality oil. Thanks to this impeccable extraction method, you won’t need much oil from Nova CBD unless you want a powerful boost.

Compared to other makers, Nova’s oils are dark and thick, and they offer 2000mg in a small 10ml bottle. This concentrated option is great for experienced users who need a higher daily dosage. Nova also offers a CBD isolate option, which means you won’t get the additional phytocannabinoids—just CBD.

Are they Trusted?

Nova CBD has been around for a while and there are many positive reviews for their range of products, making them another trusted CBD brand to buy from in the UK.

4. Excite CBD

Excite CBD is a smaller company that also offers the supercritical CO2 extraction process. The result is an especially pure CBD. Excite’s method of extraction—and desire to grow in the CBD market—has led to positive reviews from their customers. Excite CBD offers tinctures as little as 250mg, a better choice for those wanting reduced side effects.

Are they Trusted?

Excite CBD’s reviews for high-quality products will speak for themselves. They also have other products in their range, including CBD e-liquid (for vaping), skincare topicals, and edibles.

5. Bud & Tender

Bud & Tender uses an ethanol and CO2 extraction method. This different approach leads to high-quality oil, sometimes with an unusually floral yet natural taste. All Bud & Tender products are gluten-free and are also suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Their products even come with an unusual but useful feature for those with children: a child-proof cap so their kids don’t get into it and take too much.

Are they Trusted?

Bud & Tender has many reviews and offers their lab results per batch on their website. That way customers can check for pesticides, herbicides, and solvents. Being GMO-free, vegan-friendly, and organic, Bud & Tender is another brand worth giving a try.

Is CBD oil legal?

THC and CBD oil are used for different purposes. THC users are looking for a “high,” while CBD oil users are often looking for pain and anxiety relief. 

Still, the legality of CBD oil depends purely on the amount of THC in the product. If you want to buy a legal product, we recommend going with Blessed CBD or Vibes CBD. The UK and parts of Europe allow the use of CBD so long as it contains less than .2% THC. The products listed above all fall within the legal limits.

As of March 2021, CBD brands in the UK must apply for a valid novel foods license in order to remain in the market. The CBD brands with such a license will be able to sell their products online and on the high street as a health and food supplement.

How do you take CBD?

How you take the CBD oil will depend on the product of your choice. Follow the instructions as listed on the packaging.

Some general tips:

  • Tinctures are the most common way to consume CBD. A tincture is a small bottle of CBD oil with a dropper included, allowing for specific dosing. Oil from a dropper is typically placed under the tongue and effects felt about an hour later. For the best CBD oils, look for an enhanced cannabinoid and terpene profile.

  • Many companies offer CBD vape oil for use with a vape pen, which heats the oil for inhalation. Benefits are felt immediately but don’t last long. Vaping is similar to smoking without harmful additives like nicotine. Still, its effects on lungs aren’t well-known.

  • Edibles add CBD to existing food. These may include cookies, small snacks, gummies, or even something you can add to a recipe for dinner. The effects take a little longer, up to a couple of hours to feel, but they can also last longer.

  • CBD can also be found in lotions or creams for skin care and therapeutics. It is good for your skin and has anti-inflammatory effects that make it helpful for sore joints. Many companies offer topical CBD creams.

  • Many companies offer CBD capsules. They have the same benefits as CBD gummies with longer-lasting results. Capsules are also pre-measured to provide just the right amount of CBD and its desired effects.

What is the correct dosage?

The correct CBD dosage will depend on the consumer’s tolerance and experience. When first using CBD, take smaller amounts. Gradually begin upping the dose as you see where your tolerance lies. CBD is not addictive, but if used in combination with other medications it can produce side effects like drowsiness and reduced appetite, which can be counterproductive for some users.

Just 4 milligrams of CBD is a good start. See how well your body reacts to this amount. Many companies also readily offer this size of dose. To measure more easily, use pre-measured amounts from droppers or from capsules.

What are the potential health benefits?

Enthusiastic users believe CBD offers a wide range of potential benefits but they are not scientifically well-studied. There is a general consensus from users that CBD does well in reducing stress and anxiety in general. Known and researched benefits of CBD include:

  • Pain relief: CBD affects the endocannabinoid system, which communicates and regulates pain.
  • Reduced depression and anxiety: These effects likely come from CBD’s impact on serotonin receptors.
  • Reduced side effects from cancer: CBD has been shown to reduce the nausea and pain felt by many cancer patients.
  • Lower stress and anxiety: Research indicates CBD can lower stress and anxiety by reducing blood pressure, a major contributor to longer-term bad heart health.
  • Relief for neurological issues: CBD has relieved the effects of neurological issues associated with multiple sclerosis and epilepsy.
  • Reduced substance dependency: Though this hasn’t been thoroughly tested, some research indicates CBD may reduce the urge for more harmful substances and change neural pathways to reduce addiction.

CBD Oil UK — A checklist to assess quality CBD brands

CBD is still a growing business in the UK and customers want to be sure a CBD company is trustworthy. The following is a list of ways to determine whether you are buying from a reputable retailer:

  • THC Concentration: As mentioned before, the legal limit for THC concentration is .2%. You can get into legal trouble carrying or using stronger than .2% THC.
  • Concentration: See how much cannabidiol is in a tincture before using or buying. Start slow.
  • Third-Party Labs: CBD should come with a certificate of some sort from a lab outside the company. These labs verify the contents and safety of the oil.
  • Sourcing: You could encounter health risks using hemp plants that were produced with less pure CBD, so try to find organically grown non-GMO products. Using high-quality growing methods ensures high-quality CBD.
  • Extraction Method: Extraction methods determine an oil’s purity. CO2 extraction offers better results in terms of purity without solvents or chemicals. Other extraction methods include the use of low pressure and low heat. This takes longer while remaining pure. Less reputable UK CBD companies will use gases besides CO2 (such as ethanol extraction) to cheaply and quickly extract their hemp CBD oil.
  • Oil Type: Full-spectrum CBD oil tinctures offer all the cannabinoids (CBD, CBC, CBDA, CBG, etc), fatty acids, and proteins customers want for all possible health benefits. This is one of the most preferred forms of CBD oil products for many. If you’re a first time user looking for a quality CBD oil, always opt for a full spectrum range.