Christie Brinkley, 68, Models Blue String Bikini

The legendary supermodel looks as stunning as ever.

(Getty Images)

Christie Brinkley’s timeless beauty is on full-display once again in a new bikini-clad Instagram post that’s rightfully making the rounds.

The 68-year-old modeling legend posed in a tiny blue number from an paradisiacal cabana in a duo of Instagram snaps.

“I’m still working on my Driftwood Cabana and my bikini body… so If Im going to have a cocktail it’s def going to be my #zerosugar#zerocarb @bellissimaprosecco!!” the supermodel posted, promoting her brand of Prosecco.

As the New York Post notes, one commenter was keen to point out that the veteran model’s “bikini body’s been fire for over three decades.” Another of Brinkley’s 780,000-plus followers wrote, “How is it possible you still can rock a bikini like a 25 yr old you are such inspiration.”

Earlier this year, Brinkley similarly set IG ablaze by donning a stringy black two-piece, sun hat and a sheer cream lace cover-up while promoting her SBLA Beauty brand lip gloss.

“Hat [check] Sunblock [check] SBLA Lip Plump and Sculpt [check] Gratitude [check],” Brinkley captioned the image.

With over 42,000 likes, the black bikini selfie remains her most-liked photo of 2022. A not-so-distant second is a side-by-side of retro and current Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue pics, both of which see Brinkley rock a one-piece.

“I worked with @siswim from the 1970’s till I’m ALMOST 70… and I appreciate and applaud their ever expanding embrace of women,” she captioned the images, which were liked by over 35,000 people.

“Showing the world that when a woman feels beautiful she IS BEAUTIFUL! When a women opens a magazine and sees someone like herself that may be all she needs to build her self esteem and boost her confidence!