‘Selling Sunset’ Star Christine Quinn Stuns In Maxim Australia Cover Shoot

“This is what a CEO looks like.” The reality star real estate broker posed for a sizzling Maxim Australia cover shoot.


Selling Sunset star Christine Quinn is redefining the concept of “business attire” with her eye-catching cover shoot for Maxim Australia’s latest issue. 

The breakout star of Netflix’s luxury real estate reality series is famed for her brash style as a top-earning agent at L.A.’s swanky Oppenheim Group. 


In her Maxim debut, Quinn brings a similarly spunky attitude while donning Julian Mendez Couture body suits and a L’Animal Co bikini. 

“This is what a CEO looks like,” she captioned the Maxim Australia October 2020 cover. “To be a professional, you don’t need to adhere to what other people think is ‘appropriate.'”


“When others tell you to ‘cover up’ or dress a ‘certain way,’ it’s because they’re terrified of your power.” Quinn continued. “Don’t let them limit your greatness. Update your whoredrobe accordingly and be a CE-Hoe. See you at the water cooler, bitches.”

Fellow Instagram star Abigail Ratchford gave the photos a glowing review, writing, “Can you be any hotter!? Sheeesh!,” to which Quinn responded, “Can you?!” But as stated in her Maxim Australia interview, haters and critics don’t get the same treatment. 

“I don’t waste time on negative energy,” she said. I don’t ingest it nor entertain it. It’s just not worth my time. You should only hate on people you actually know. If you don’t have my phone number, you don’t have the right to talk about my life.”

Quinn added that she dreams of launching her own lifestyle brand in the future. “In five years I see myself being the CE-HOE of my own company, aboard my mega yacht and in every major magazine publication. I want to run my companies while traveling the world. All things fashion and beauty are in the works.”

Help Quinn celebrate her Maxim Australia cover with five more choice selections from her fiery Instagram feed below.

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