Cindy Kimberly Is Maxim’s November/December Cover Star

Meet the stunning model and Instagram influencer who covers Maxim’s November/December 2021 issue.

Blazer: GERARD DAREL, Bikini bottom: ORZA, Pearl necklace: HOUSE OF EMMANUELE, Sandals: MAISON ERNEST, Sunglasses: MAX MARA
(Gilles Bensimon)

At what point does modeling become art? For sultry Spanish beauty Cindy Kimberly, they’re one and the same. The 22-year-old is art personified; a model, photographer, designer, artist, and painter, all in one stunning package of full lips, perfectly sculpted curves, and striking brown eyes that exude an irresistible self-assurance that’s impossible to ignore.

Photography: Gilles Bensimon, Styling: Caroline Christiansson, Hair: Sebastien Le Corroller, Makeup: Tatsu Yamanaka, Production: Jessica Athanasiou.

Born in Amsterdam to a Spanish mother and Indonesian father, the brunette beauty is an international icon who was catapulted into stardom in 2015 when, in an unexpected turn of events, she caught the eye of Justin Bieber—who posted her picture on Instagram with the caption: “Omg who is this!!” Clearly, even the Biebs couldn’t resist her ethereal beauty. And who can blame him?

Tulle skirt: RAISA VANESSA, Crystal necklace: HOUSE OF EMMANUELE
(Gilles Bensimon)

With that single photo and four-word caption, he unleashed an internet search party to unveil the identity of the mystery bombshell. And so, the internet did its thing, and a star was born.

“When I was younger I had a Justin Bieber fan account for like five years,” she says, echoing the sentiments of countless teenage girls around the world. “The running joke between my friends was that one day he would post a photo of me.” Well, what can we say? Life works in mysterious ways.

“When it happened I thought my friends were pranking me, so I didn’t even check his profile until hours later. I genuinely thought I had to be dreaming for a minute.” After Bieber’s post, Kimberly was picked up by Spanish modeling agency Uno Models, and has since gone on to sign with industry powerhouse The Lions as well.

Since being discovered, she’s scored multiple modeling campaigns for names like Charlotte Tilbury, Alo Yoga, Revolve, and Marc Jacobs, and walked runway shows for the likes of Philipp Plein and GCDS.

Metallic sequined skirt,: RAISA VANESSA, Earring: HOUSE OF EMMANUELE
(Gilles Bensimon)

She’s also graced the covers of Spanish issues of GQ, Elle, and Cosmopolitan, and posed in editorial spreads for Vogue Japan and Vanity Fair Spain. With a bangin’ body like hers, it’s no surprise that she’s also a brand ambassador for Rihanna’s racy Savage X Fenty lingerie line, for which she shows off her heavenly curves in cheeky self portraits that send pulses racing.

And speaking of selfies, sexy self-portraits happen to be Kimberly’s area of expertise when it comes to photography. Her Instagram page, under the handle @wolfiecindy, is brimming with perfectly-styled photographs of herself; her sultry gaze seemingly transcending the confines of the internet. Obviously, her 6.6 million Instagram followers (and counting) love looking at her pictures as much as she likes taking them.

Bikini bottom: LIVY, Leather top: DROME
(Gilles Bensimon)

“When I began modeling I sometimes felt like there were jobs that I would’ve loved being in, but I wasn’t being booked,” she says. “I got to a point where I was just like you know what? I’ll put myself in it because I won’t reject myself.”

In fact, she knows her way around both sides of the camera so well that she’s the photographer, model, makeup artist, stylist, and creative director in campaigns for brands like Alo Yoga and Marc Jacobs—and what’s more is that her steamy self-portraits have even made it into the Maxim Hot 100.

“I felt so excited to be able to send something that I shot and was in.” she says. “I love photography and I always feel like I’m learning when I’m on set, and I use whatever I learn for my self-shoots. I like creating different personas and scenarios and creating an idea around them.”

Even before striking gold in the modeling world and becoming one of the most popular Spanish influencers of recent years, the bombshell always wanted to be in front of the camera. Considering how much the camera loves her, it was inevitable.

Crystal earrings: HOUSE OF EMMANUELE
(Gilles Bensimon)

“Modeling was something I always wanted to do from when I was really young. I would say that’s probably the thing that drove me to put effort into taking photos,” she says. “I had done some random shoots for local stores to post on their Facebook pages,” she reminisces of her early modeling days.

“My first bigger modeling job before I was discovered was when I was just starting to grow on social media and had around 80,000 followers on Instagram. Someone reached out to me through Tumblr to model for Yeezy— which, back in the day, had just started out. I remember thinking it wasn’t real, and I brought my mom to the shoot just to be safe.”

Ruffled skirt: ORZA, Crystal earrings: HOUSE OF EMMANUELE
(Gilles Bensimon)

Now, she’s in the big leagues, and rightfully so. “I love so many different things about modeling,” she muses. “I love fashion, so being involved and being able to learn about it feels like such a dream.”

And for a creative mind like hers, it’s the artistic element that really draws her to it. “I love getting to meet so many talented makeup artists and have them create literal art on my face. I love hearing what the team wants and trying my best to bring the vision to life, playing different characters, and getting out of my comfort zone—whether it be through looks or the physical poses. I just feel honored to be a part of the art-making.”

Despite being in the spotlight with countless adoring fans, the alluring model is a self-proclaimed introvert who spends her days doing what she loves most: making art. “I know the only thing I could ever regret in life is not making the art I wanted to… or not spending enough time with my mom,” she divulges.

Halter top and shorts: ALEXANDRE VAUTHIER, Belt and boots: ROGER VIVIER, Crystal earrings: HOUSE OF EMMANUELE
(Gilles Bensimon)

“People would guess that I’m pretty outgoing because of the context they have on me, but I’m actually really shy,” she says, noting that she’s even reserved in her romantic life. “As an introvert, my way of letting someone know I have a crush on them is by looking at them once and hoping they read my mind and approach me.”

On days she’s not posing at a glamorous fashion shoot, you can find her in her studio, paintbrush in hand. “I usually like to finish paintings in a few days, so if I start one I’ll spend my whole day, or maybe even the week doing that. I’ve been painting since I was very young. I started because my mom would draw these little characters when she would tell me bedtime stories, and I would always want to recreate them.”

Draped mini dress: HERVE LEROUX, Crystal earrings: HOUSE OF EMMANUELE
(Gilles Bensimon)

Her creative energy doesn’t stop there. Along with painting, she’s also been designing her own clothes for years, and she’s finally taking her creative hobby to the next level. “I would always tear up my mom’s clothes and remake them into other things, but this year I’m finally stepping into it seriously and releasing my own line soon. I can’t give any hints yet… you’ll have to stay tuned.”

For Kimberly, her booming success means much more than just having a way to express herself artistically—it means being able to support her mother, whom she says is her biggest inspiration. “I was able to help my mom and I stay afloat, which made life for us pretty different. Growing up in a single-parent household is hard, and it feels very different when you finally get to a point where you can help your parents.”

No matter where life takes her, she’s determined to savor the moment; as visionaries seem to do. “I don’t really have a bucket list,” she says. “There are things I want for sure, but I also don’t want to burden myself with the idea that if I don’t get them I haven’t made myself happy. I’ve gotten way further than I ever thought I would have when I was younger, so I feel super lucky and appreciative of every moment.”

For the future, she has the same grounded mindset. “I want to start shooting more, and I want to sell one of my paintings for the first time.” And her ultimate goal for the future? “Just feeling happy and secure.” Spoken like a true artist.

Photographed at the Diamond Suite Prince Rainier III à l’Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo-Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer. Boat kindly provided by VAN DUTCH SAS Van Dutch distributors for France, Monaco and the Benelux countries. The VAN DUTCH 48 is the latest addition to the VAN DUTCH range of commuter yachts.