The World’s Perfect Beer Glass Is ‘Made of Science’

It’s apparently “the biggest breakthrough in pouring since gravity.”

Cobra, a Molson Coors brand, claims it has just developed the world’s perfect beer glass. And we just might believe them.

The Cobra Smooth Pour Glass, a.k.a. the world’s perfect beer glass, was developed with hydrodynamics and fluid mechanics specialists from Birmingham University and Imperial College, and was co-designed by Karmarama, a London-based agency, who says the glass is “the biggest breakthrough in pouring since gravity.”

The agency says the glass “has a unique channel in the interior facia allowing the liquid to flow smoothly around the glass to the base, creating a whirlpool effect, releasing flavor and aroma and creating the perfect head, all in order to bring to life the beer’s ‘Impossibly smooth’ positioning.”

Hearing that, you’d think this beer glass is the eighth wonder of the world. It’s apparently that spectacular. Or maybe it’s just really good advertising, and everyone is too drunk to care.

The official video for the hi-tech glassware narrates in a fancy British accent that the “toughened glass receptacle” features a “custom liquid emancipation point,” allowing the beer to flow in a “helix spiral,” through “fluid channels,” thereby bringing the beer to “terminal smoothness…creating a beer vortex.”

Holy shit. Are we knocking back a pint, or going to outer space? They’re not kidding when they say this glass is “Made of science.”

“The glassware we think is industry-defining will help create reappraisal of Cobra, adding visual drama at the bar, and ensuring the best possible pint,” says Alison Pickering, brand director at Molson Coors.Well, we’ll just have to wait until the Cobra Smooth Pour Glass hits the market this summer to find out if it really is the world’s perfect beer glass, but either way, one thing is for sure – good times await.

H/T: Adweek