These College Girls Took a Mac and Cheese Bath, And No One Knows Exactly Why

Someone get these two a drain snake.
Mac Girls 1

It seems college kids will do anything for a little time in the spotlight these days. 

Nineteen-year-old Ohio State University students Madison Harper and Ashley Randall are getting their 15 minutes of fame after photos of their mac and cheese bathing session went crazy viral.

Mac girls 2

Why they decided take time to make 56 boxes of Kraft Mac & Cheese in a bath tub and dip into a yellowish mess of pasta isn't obvious. According to their roommate Anne Henry Maggio, who documented the ordeal, it started out as a sort of joke... or something. 

"Ashley said she wanted to make 10 pots of mac and cheese," Maggio wrote on Facebook. "And I said 'Well why don't ya bathe in it then?,' and here we are." Right. 

Making Mac

We really hope they didn't actually eat any of it, because that tub does not look clean. 

mac n cheese girl

Reactions to the stunt have been all over the map. Some people, probably trolls, were triggered into a spell of outrage because of the wastefulness. Chill guys—it's Kraft, not filet mignon. 

But most were grossed-out and perplexed by the bizarre decision. 

We have one question: Does that tub still drain?

h/t: Mashable