These College Girls Took a Mac and Cheese Bath, And No One Knows Exactly Why

Someone get these two a drain snake.

Photo: Anne Henry Maggio/Facebook

It seems college kids will do anything for a little time in the spotlight these days. 

Nineteen-year-old Ohio State University students Madison Harper and Ashley Randall are getting their 15 minutes of fame after photos of their mac and cheese bathing session went crazy viral.

Photo: Anne Henry Maggio

Why they decided take time to make 56 boxes of Kraft Mac & Cheese in a bath tub and dip into a yellowish mess of pasta isn’t obvious. According to their roommate Anne Henry Maggio, who documented the ordeal, it started out as a sort of joke… or something. 

“Ashley said she wanted to make 10 pots of mac and cheese,” Maggio wrote on Facebook. “And I said ‘Well why don’t ya bathe in it then?,’ and here we are.” Right. 

Image: Anne Henry Maggio

We really hope they didn’t actually eat any of it, because that tub does not look clean. 

Photo: Anne Henry Maggio/Facebook

Reactions to the stunt have been all over the map. Some people, probably trolls, were triggered into a spell of outrage because of the wastefulness. Chill guys—it’s Kraft, not filet mignon.

But most were grossed-out and perplexed by the bizarre decision.

We have one question: Does that tub still drain?

h/t: Mashable