A Canadian College Will Teach Students How to Grow Weed in 2018, And We Love Higher Education

Learning just got dank, dude.

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Every pothead’s dream degree program is set to roll out at a Canadian college next year. 

Niagara College, located in Ontario, Canada, will offer a one-year post-grad program in commercial cannabis production, i.e. large-scale weed farming.

Unfortunately, knowing how to grow schwag in a dorm room closet won’t get in to one of the program’s 25 spots. 

The Toronto Star has further details: 

The first students, who must have earned a diploma or degree in horticulture, agricultural sciences or related fields to qualify for the program, will be part of Niagara’s “class of 2019.”

10 courses taking place over two semesters will offer students the opportunity to work with commercial cannabis producers and, hopefully, the opportunity to do a little “quality control.” 

Al Unwin, the school’s associate dean of environmental and horticultural studies, said in an interview that the program was created to keep up with Canada’s fast-growing (see what we did there?) marijuana industry, which currently consists of 59 pot producers nationwide. 

“There’s a huge need for highly-skilled well-trained workers who are not only knowledgeable about the crop itself, but the legal requirements governed by Health Canada,” Unwin told the Star.

“The program will combine the finer points of plant pathology and how to grow a healthy crop with courses on the complex regulations, standards and legal requirements for licensed producers.”  

The college’s program coincides with legislation that will legalize recreational marijuana across Canada beginning July 1, 2018. 

Let’s get this going in the United States. We’re looking at you, Colorado State. 

h/t: COED