A Horny Couple Was Caught on Video Having Sex at Wisconsin State Fair, And the Footage Is Hilarious

“This is for families… not that!” said one fairgoer.


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A frisky couple was arrested after they were caught on video having sex right in front of the corn dog-scarfing attendees of the Wisconsin State Fair.

The couple clearly did not try to hide the fact that they were having straight-up, outdoor sex. Pictures posted on Twitter reveal the man—still wearing a shirt but with his bare butt exposed—happily waving to horrified onlookers. 

The local TV coverage of the State Fair shenanigans is absolutely priceless—check it out in the video above. 

(Photo: FOX6 News)

“We’re here for a horse show or a dog show… not to make babies!” one fairgoer told FOX6 News.

“This is for families… not that!” another said.

(Photo: Getty Images)

“This incident is inexcusable, and therefore, a thorough investigation was conducted, and the video was removed,” a Wisconsin State Fair spokeswoman said. 

The man and woman were taken into custody by the Wisconsin State Fair Park Police, and the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office will likely press criminal charges.

Maybe next time stick to splitting a funnel cake, guys.