Courtney Stodden To Presidential Debate Hero Ken Bone: 'Bone Me'

Your welcome, America.

During Sunday night's presidential debate, the Internet took a shine to Ken Bone, the undecided voter who asked about energy policy and stole America's heart with his red sweater and totally sweet mustache.

But social media troll Courtney Stodden has outshone us all, announcing her unmated adoration for Ken Bone with a sexy selfie and one seriously brazen hashtag:


"Every Barbie needs a Ken ... and Ken Bone is mine!" Stodden wrote, adding a photo of the reluctant debate hero next to her cleavage-baring mirror pic.

Stodden better get in line, as a long queue of Bone fans are forming on Twitter (see below).

May we suggest a Ken Bone dating show?

h/t BroBible