Apparently, Craft Beer Drinkers Have Healthier Habits Than The Rest Of Us

Your move, Bud-swilling masses.


(Photo: Getty)

When you think of craft beer, you probably think of an expensive, small batch brew that likely has a bizarre name. And if you do, you are correct.

But guess what – it turns out that people who prefer Ommegang over Bud Light seem to have healthier habits overall, says a new study by The Harris Poll.

The study, which surveyed 1,978 booze lovers, found that 73% of those who opt for a microbrew think of alcohol as a special treat, compared to a lesser 67% of average drinkers. Notably, this difference is even more pronounced in millennial craft beer fans.

What’s more is that craft beer lovers also seem to be more interested in staying in shape, with 57% of those surveyed saying they exercise a few times a week, versus only 52% of normal booze-goers. 

Interestingly, craft beer enthusiasts prefer to work out in groups, with 40 percent saying they’d rather not break a sweat solo, compared to 33 percent. Wow, craft beer makes you more sociable!

When it comes to food, 73 percent of normal drinkers said they read the nutrition label, whereas that number jumps to almost 80% with craft beer buffs, and 27 percent said like to support local businesses and seek out local foods, while only 21 percent of average drinkers felt the same way.

Since (non-obsessively) counting calories is a good way to avoid gaining weight, 18 percent of craft beer drinkers, and 14 percent of average drinkers said they count calories, and speaking of calories, craft beer aficionados turned out to be highly knowledgeable regarding the calorie content of all kinds of booze.

67 percent said they know how many calories are in craft beer, versus only 33 percent, 64 percent knew all about the calories in non-craft beer (beer is beer!), compared to 39 percent of average drinkers, 57 percent versus 44 percent knew the calorie content in spirits and cocktails, and 61 percent were well-versed in wine nutrition facts, whereas only 47 percent of average drinkers were.

Knowing some facts and figures about all that hooch probably meant something, because the numbers revealed that on average, craft beer enthusiasts simply drink less than typical drinkers. 8 percent less, to be exact, and nearly half said they only drink on weekends. And that sounds healthier than going to happy hour every damn day after work.

With all those dizzying percentages and beer facts, maybe it’s time we all become craft beer groupies. Or not. To each his own.