We Want to Chug This Crunch Berry-Infused Beer While Watching Saturday Morning Cartoons

Beer for breakfast is totally acceptable, right?
Crunch Berry Beer Promo

If you ever had the misfortune of trying the beer-and-cereal-mix known as "beereal," then we've got good news: there's now a much better alternative.  

Massachusetts brewery Somerville Brewing Company has taken the world of craft beer in yet another wacky new direction with their with their Cap'n Crunch Crunch Berry-infused can of suds, fittingly called "Saturday Morning."  

According to Tasting Table, the Belgian-style ale was created as a tribute to home brewer Mike Johnson's own version of Crunch Berry-flavored beer, using a version of the recipe he devised in 2000. 

Caitlin Jewell told Tasting Table that drinkers can expect "traditional Belgian beer aromas like bubble gum, stone fruit and spice," initially, and then "light, fruity notes from the cereal" on the finish. Delicious! 

Somerville held a special launch party just for Saturday Morning on March 24, but you'll have to make your way to Somerville, Massachusetts to try at the brewery or purchase it at nearby retailers. 

Cap'n Crunch must be proud.  

h/t: Mental Floss