How Dan Bilzerian Uses Shock Value Marketing To Grow His Cannabis and CBD Brand

The “King of Instagram” is firing up his Ignite cannabis and CBD company with provocative photos and videos.


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With the advent of social media came the resurgence of the interruptive advertising method of shock value marketing. The adage goes that “sex sells”, but Dan Bilzerian’s shockvertising strategy goes far beyond sex to capture the attention of consumers.

Notoriously known as the “King of Instagram” for his nearly 30 million followers, Bilzerian often titillates his massive audience with outrageous posts, yet his latest venture, Ignite International, sends a message that commands consumer attention and increases public awareness of the brand.

Grabbing headlines and priceless publicity appears second-nature to Bilzerian as he aligns the company’s brand identity to his own. With powerful imagery and bold social messaging, Bilzerian both provokes and inspires his audience.

The racy social media campaigns, outlandish launch parties and extravagant trips might simply be Dan being Dan, but the shocking content is prompting consumers to re-evaluate their preconceived notions of cannabis and creating a sense of cognitive dissonance, ultimately prompting new entrants to the market and a sense of brand loyalty to Ignite.

Building a company into a household name sounds easy enough for someone like Dan Bilzerian with 29.4 million Instagram followers and counting, but the Ignite brand recognition is just the start. He believes in a providing a product that far exceeds the expectations of consumers as he aims to be the catalyst for cannabis change.

Lack of consistency and reliability in the marketplace has guided Bilzerian’s efforts to offer the highest quality of cannabis, CBD and apparel. Ignite, already a CSE-listed and OTCQX traded company operating in permissible CBD and cannabis sectors, is on track to be a pivotal player in the industry with its premium product line.

Climbing the ranks among their favored cannabis strains, Ignite recently launched a line of CBD products, offering customers two different CBD strengths – CBD isolate and CBD broad spectrum. Building on the foundation of consistency and quality, each new product launch enhances the sentiment of Ignite’s brand awareness and viral marketing value.

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