FBI Agent Drops Gun and Shoots Person in Leg While Busting a Move on the Dance Floor

You need to see this INSANE viral video.

Dancing FBI Agent


An FBI agent busted a move—and then busted a cap in someone’s leg. 

Viral video of an off-duty agent dancing at a Denver bar takes a turn for the worse when he accidentally shoots a patron. 

A crowd had formed around the agent to watch some admittedly good moves. But when he tried to backflip, a concealed pistol fell from his holster. The agent frantically lunged for the loose weapon and accidentally fired. 

The bullet hit a man in the lower leg. Denver police say he is expected to survive, per CNN.

The agent, who was not arrested and therefore remains unidentified, was turned over to his FBI supervisor. 

A legal expert believes that the agent is receiving special treatment. 

“There is no question in my mind if anyone else other than law enforcement engaged in that behavior with this result, they would be charged with prohibitive use of weapons, illegal discharge of weapon,” attorney Christopher Decker told KDVR Denver.

“A law enforcement officer should not be able to commit crimes simply because they are law enforcement. It will be interesting in the end to see if the district attorney can wrap their mind around anything, but reckless conduct occurred in that situation.”  

Surveillance footage and blood test results will be used to determine whether the agent was under the influence of alcohol. We’re going to go with “definitely” based on this unedited version of same video in which the dude appears to smile and walk away like nothing happened.  

The freak accident has created a stir on social media: 



In a statement, an FBI spokesperson said “the investigation is active, ongoing, and a personnel matter so we cannot provide comment at this time.”  

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