Watch This Viral Clip of a Devastated Dad’s Hilarious Reaction to Discovering the Sex of His Fifth Child


Devestated Dad
Image: YouTube/New York Post

Every child is a blessing, right? 

The father in the above video may need to be reminded of that fact, because his reaction to finding out his fifth child will also be his fifth girl wasn’t exactly optimistic. 

The hilarious moment was caught on camera during Josh and Christine Batson’s gender reveal party, which the couple streamed to Facebook live. 

The video shows the family gathered around their kitchen table in Hahira, Georgia, as their daughters eat their way through cupcakes containing color-coded frosting. 

When four-year-old Natalie breaks open the center and sees pink, she announces, “it’s a girl.” 

While she looks perfectly happy with the result, her 34-year-old dad facepalms in exasperation before abruptly walking to the patio, helplessly crying “Why?!” to the heavens, and falling into the pool. 

Christine then points the camera inward as her husband floats motionless in the water and states “Five girls never hurt anybody… I think.” Josh is about to find out. 

h/t: The Daily Mail