That Incredibly Nasty Strip Club Story That Popped Up On Your Facebook Feed Recently Is Fake News

Yes, the “diarrhea outbreak” was too good to be true.

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Unless you managed to stay off line for the past few days, you’ve probably seen a headline that looks something like, “Tainted Buffet Results in Diarrhea Outbreak Among Dancers and Patrons at Florida Strip Club.” As it turns out, that story is totally fake. 

The story has been debunked by numerous outlets, including Electronic Urban Report. The disgusting-but-amusing piece, which originally ran on The Border Herald, alleged that a stripper was “unable to control her bowels” and “a stream of brown liquid gushed all over the stage.” 

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Here’s the full fake article in its original form:  

A popular strip club in Jacksonville, Florida has been closed until further notice after several dancers contracted diarrhea last Friday night. The cause of the incident, which remains under investigation, has been initially linked to a contaminated buffet at the venue.

While the investigation continues, the venue has not been named. While the results of the lab analysis are yet to come back, one source familiar with the investigation told reporters that bad shrimp was the most likely cause of the diarrhea. “Typically shrimp are involved in cases like this, particularly when they are not cleaned thoroughly.”

Patrons at the venue who were sitting near the stage were the most directly affected by the incident, which occurred close to 11 p.m.

According to a witness at the venue, three dancers were performing on separate poles when the first sign of trouble emerged … It was at this point that the first dancer to suffer from diarrhea was unable to control her bowels any longer, and ‘a stream of brown liquid soon gushed over the stage’, according to the witness … The other dancers on stage also suffered from diarrhea soon after and were forced to abandon their performance. “They had a hard time getting off the stage,” said one witness, who stayed to watch the aftermath of the incident. “High heels and diarrhea really don’t mix.

Unsurprisingly, no local outlets in Jacksonville, Florida, reported on the ordeal. And as Snopes notes, the Border Herald is one of many regional fake news sites that masquerades as a legitimate news source. 

Don’t believe everything you read, people.