This Website Makes It Easier Than Ever To Get a Quickie Divorce Online

Here’s how getting a divorce can be as easy as ordering a pizza.


Getting a divorce will, at worst, tear apart your family, forever warp your children’s views of marriage and maybe even drive you to bankruptcy.

But divorce doesn’t always have to be a soul-crushing slog that utterly destroys your faith in humanity. Celebrity divorce lawyer Laura Wasser, whose high-profile clients include Angelina Jolie and Kim Kardashian, just launched a website that will nullify your sacred bond with just a few clicks, making ending your marriage as easy as ordering Thai food on Seamless. Check out this video here: will help residents of California and New York generate legal forms and file divorce papers as well as sort out child custody, child support and property allocation…all for as little as $750 a pop (though prices can go up to $2,500 for “premium” services).

That’s nothing compared to what Wasser charges for her services in real life—reportedly around $85-per hour, along with a $25,000 retainer. also comes with services to help you crawl out from your post-divorce misery… and show your ex what he or she is missing.

“Believe me, It’s Over Easy doesn’t mean it’s fun,” Wasser told Entrepreneur. “We provide other information for dealing with the heart-wrenching, soul-crushing process of boiling everything down to a couch, a futon and two lamps. 

“We have this amazing provider directory, so you can find somebody to give you a spray tan so that you feel really comfortable and confident going on that first date.”

A divorce and a spray tan? Now we’re talking!

h/t InsideHook