The Heroic Woman Who Was Caught Having Sex at Domino’s Pizza Deserves a Pardon

Watch the video to see how the hilarious Domino’s debauchery went down…

Daniella Hirst
Left: YouTube

The horny couple caught on video having sex inside a Domino’s Pizza in England are in hot water after their sexcapades went viral online. 

The woman, 28-year-old Daniella Hirst, is currently facing arrest after failing to show up for an interview with local police.

Photo: Facebook via Lad Bible

In an interview with London’s The Sun, Hirst explained her rather unique predicament: “They said they had to investigate a public indecency offense, because my ass was on show in the video.” 

Here’s a refresher of the leaked CCTV footage that went viral after being posted to Twitter:

What’s crazy is that although the video clearly shows two people having sex, her boyfriend, Craig Smith, is off the hook because he remained fully—well, almost fully— clothed during the videotaped debauchery. 

“Never mind the fact me and Craig had sex up against the counter or that I gave him a blow job moments before,” Hirst said. “Craig is apparently in the clear because his clothes stayed on. You couldn’t make it up.”

“He was the one who pulled my trousers and knickers down to have sex as we waited for our 12 inch.” (Cough!)

Image: YouTube

As you may have suspected, alcohol was involved. Because honestly, there’s no way in hell that this was a sober decision. 

Via The Sun, 

The couple – identified by The Sun after the CCTV went viral – had been boozing to celebrate Craig’s 31st birthday when they went for pizza.

They regularly have sex outdoors and have so far done it on a bus, in a van, on a train, in a swimming pool and in a field.

“We got a bit frisky and one thing led to another,” Hirst said. “Domino’s is definitely now our number one – going to be hard to top it.”  

Just make sure you’re not on camera next time, guys. 

h/t: Lad Bible