Why Drinking Coffee Helps You Live Longer

New research reveals surprising health benefits for regular coffee drinkers….


If you want to stave off the nastier effects of aging, like cancer of heart disease, then turn to science’s most contested morning drink—coffee.

We know, we know. It seems like everyday a new study comes along that says coffee will either zap your fertility or make you live forever. But scientists have now found a solid link between caffeine consumption and reducing elevated levels of inflammation, which triggers most of the major diseases attributed to “old age.”

In a new study published in the journal Nature Medicine, a team at Stanford University analyzed blood samples from 100 participants, young and old. Most of the older participants had increased levels of activity in their inflammation-related genes; however, those who reported regularly drinking caffeine had very low levels of activity in their inflammatory gene pathways, more on par with younger participants.

“The more caffeine people consumed, the more protected they were against a chronic state of inflammation,” study author David Furman told Time. While inflammation is vital to the functioning of the immune system, increased levels of inflammation, common in older age, can lead to chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, joint disorders and Alzheimer’s.

The science is in, people. Who’s up for a cup of joe? 

h/t Uproxx