A Company Just Made A Bazooka that Takes Out Drones and It’s Awesome

This looks like fun.

It’s hard to scan the web for more than 5 minutes without seeing something remotely (get it?) drone-related. While some are using the ubiquitous flying tech to invade the White House or scale the Empire State Building, others are building drones capable of functioning after taking a blast from a 12-gauge shotgun

Fortunately, some clever folks at British company Openworks Engineering have come up with a weapon to take down pesky unmanned aerial nuisances you happen to come across, and it happens to be a badass bazooka. 

Say hello to the Skywall 100. This drone-neutralizing piece of ballistic brilliance doesn’t shoot dangerous explosive ammunition to blow drones out of the sky. 

Instead, it launches intelligent projectiles that communicate in-flight with the system’s on-board computerized sight, what the company calls a SmartScope, to calculate the perfect moment to deploy a net that captures a drone and gently guides it down to the ground via parachute. 

The rationale behind the design is simple: “The best way to neutralize a drone is to physically intercept it. This neutralizes any type of drone, whether flown manually or autonomously.” 

This means that up to a range of 100 yards, a user with little training can take aim, wait for the Top Gun-esque sight to lock on, shoot, and recover the targeted drone still intact. 

The best part is that the launcher was made with home-defense in mind and will be available to the public when it goes on sale later this year. 

It seems those inescapable drones are about to meet their match. 

h/t ars technica