Watch a Majestic Eagle Take Out a Police Drone

This video is just awesome.

As drones become more and more ubiquitous (especially after everyone and their mother got one over the holidays), law enforcement agencies around the world are developing new measures to deal with this airborne terrors. While we’ve already seen anti-drone shotgun shells  and flying nets, one country had a different idea: Let’s train eagles, the most majestic birds ever, to knock these little fuckers out of the sky.

To that end, police in the Netherlands have teamed up with raptor training company Guard From Above to see if this gorgeous eagles can actually serve as an effective defense against intrusive drones. The results seem promising from the looks of the video above, but they may be mixed in the long run, according to the Verge: “Raptors’ talons are incredibly sharp and their grip is strong enough to crush bone, but that doesn’t meant they’re indestructible and carbon fiber props spinning at full speed can easily cut human flesh.”

It’s a bit of a shame that this unique anti-drone wasn’t originally developed in the U.S., proud home of the world’s most patriotic bird of prey. But hey, perhaps we won’t have to wait for a special police program to watch these majestic beasts totally own drones in mid-air:

h/t Verge