The GoPro Footage From the Raid That Brought Down El Chapo Is Absolutely Insane

Warning: This footage is graphic.

If you thought the daring raid conducted by Mexican authorities to recapture Sinaloa Cartel drug loss Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman would be anything less than the dramatic, high-intensity operations you see at the movies, you were dead wrong.

Thanks to a GoPro camera worn by a Mexican Marine, you can now watch video of the Friday morning assault on Guzman’s compound in Los Mochis, dubbed “Operation Black Swan,” that forced Guzman to flee into the city’s sewer system before being arrested for carjacking.

The GoPro footage, culled from the helmet cam of a Marine, was reportedly provided by Mexican authorities to journalist Carlos Loret De Mola and Mexican TV network Televisa before being broadcast on the show Primero Noticias, ABC News reports.

The raid, which only lasted about 15 minutes, looks like a scene right out of an action movie, with heavily-armed Mexican Marines taking heavy fire and throwing flash grenades into the windows of their target buildings the minute the raid commenced. The assault left five members of Guzman’s cartel dead and one Marine injured.

After Mexican authorities withdrew from the scene, officials allowed other media cameras to tour a home. Here’s what the place looked like in the aftermath of the raid, courtesy of the AP:

h/t Vice News