Apparently, the Election Is Keeping You From Getting Laid

If you haven’t had sex recently, blame the candidates.


(Photo: Getty)

With Election Day only a few days away, the entire nation is in a state of anxious suspense, considering the fate of America is hanging by a thin, feeble thread.

That said, it’s no surprise that a new survey found that we’re not having much sex these days, and America is experiencing an unfortunate nationwide dry spell.

The survey, conducted by fertility app Kindara, found that the election is sending women’s sex lives down the crapper, especially those who identify as Democrats. The survey polled 928 women at the end of October, and found that 19 percent of Democratic women and only 9 percent of Republican women said the election was negatively affecting their sex lives.

I mean, it’s important to note that this data comes from a fertility app, which might not accurately reflect the population’s current sex life situation, but it should be a pretty good indicator of things. Either way, stress always has a negative impact on all areas of life, so I believe it.

May this election day benefit us all, and resolve our sexual frustrations. Cheers, my friends.

H/T: New York Magazine