Here’s How Republicans’ Sex Lives Compare To Democrats

From who has more threesomes to who masturbates the most, the answers may surprise you.


When you go to cast your ballot, realize that your political preferences may have already been decided in the bedroom.

A new sex study from SKYN condoms reveals that Republicans and Democrats, at least millennial ones, have markedly different sexual habits.

SKYN found that 64 percent of Democratic millennials have had a one-night stand compared to 56 percent of Republicans, while 31 percent of Democrats and only 23 percent of Republicans admitted to having a threesome. Meanwhile, 46 percent of Dems admit to masturbating several times a week, as compared to 37 percent of GOP respondents. 

The findings would seem to affirm assumptions that Republicans are more sexually conservative than Dems and therefore not having as much fun  in the sack. But it’s not quite that simple. Check out the graphic here:

(Photo: SKYN)

SKYN also found that Republicans prefer to bump uglies outside of the bedroom more than Democrats do, admitting to sex in pools, cars, parks, plans, the beach, and even church (oh my!).

But we gotta give special props to Democrats, who used condoms more widely, 60 percent as opposed to 46 percent.

So if you’re into having sex at church but rarely having any threesomes, then maybe Trump is your guy. And if you’re down for one-night stands, but only from the comfort of your bedroom, then Hillary might be a wiser choice.

Just be sure to find out before Nov. 9.