Elon Musk and Tesla CFO Change Official Job Titles to ‘Technoking’ and ‘Master of Coin’

The cheeky new monikers are inspired by “Game of Thrones” and “Black Mirror.”

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Elon Musk has officially adopted a new job title that’s way catchier than “Tesla CEO.” 

Citing an official SEC filing, the The Verge reports that Musk’s new title is “Technoking of Tesla,” while Tesla CFO Zach Kirkhorn will now be known as “Master of Coin.”

“Effective as of March 15, 2021, the titles of Elon Musk and Zach Kirkhorn have changed to Technoking of Tesla and Master of Coin, respectively,” the filing reads. “Elon and Zach will also maintain their respective positions as Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer.”

Kirkhorn’s title is a direct reference to  HBO’s Game of Thrones. The “master of coin is the chief financial adviser of the king and a member of the small council in King’s Landing,” according to A Wiki of Ice and Fire.

The etymology of Musk’s “Technoking” title is hazier, but Bro Bible suggests that it could be a loose reference to Black Mirror, Blade Runner 2049, Cyberpunk 2077, or any other sci-fi movie or show in recent memory. 

Indeed, the Tesla Cybertruck appears to recall steampunk aesthetic seen in Blade Runner 2049. Or “Technoking” could simply be a portmanteau of the words “technology” and “king.”

The zany job title news comes after a series of particularly tumultuous events surrounding Tesla. A fire erupted at its Fremont, California factory shortly after it was revealed that more than 400 coronavirus cases had been reported at the location since last May. 

A Tesla investor also sued Musk and co. after he failed to abide by the terms of an SEC deal concerning his tweets. As Engadget notes, the most notable example was sent on May 1 2020, when Musk claimed that Tesla’s stock price was “too high imo.” Tesla’s stock price immediately dropped by 12 percent in 30 minutes.  

To make matters even weirder, Musk recently declared he wants to headquarter his SpaceX company in a town he’ll name “Starbase.”