Elon Musk Says He’s Building a Cyborg Dragon, ‘Game of Thrones’ Has Perfect Response

We believe him.

Getty Images and HBO

He “joked” about selling flamethrowers. No one believed him. Then he did. Elon Musk also said he was shooting a Tesla into space. No one believed him. You know what happened next

Okay, billionaire guy, we get it. When you say something that seems designed just to mess with people, you are usually serious. That’s why his latest tweet about building a certain kind of dragon is freakier than it seems.

We’re not eccentric billionaires boring holes and building dragons, so it almost feels inappropriate to point out one detail in Musk’s tweet can’t possibly be true: the word “cyborg.” 

Cyborg means “a person whose physiological functioning is aided by or dependent upon a mechanical or electronic device.” If we wanted to assume that Elon Musk knows the technical definition of “cyborg,” that would mean he’s putting robot parts on an actual dragon. That seems doubtful.

What could easily be true is Musk is building something that may look, feel, and strangest of all, move like his idea of the fictional flaming, flying reptile. This sounds like it could even be some kind of unifying invention, in which the dragon burps flames produced by one of Musk’s flamethrowers. 

Musk is pretty dry-witted sometimes, it’s true. Even flat-out funny.

That’s why we’re never sure what he’s really up to. But the social media people behind the Game of Thrones Twitter feed seem to think he’s serious, so there’s that.

It looks like we’ll just have to wait and see. 

We do know for sure that if Musk gets this dragon thing off the ground, Game of Thrones producers will be pretty pissed they’ve wrapped production of the show.

h/t HighSnobiety