Emily Ratajkowski Heats Up Vogue Australia With Lingerie Photo Shoot

A bra-clad EmRata sizzles on her latest stunning magazine cover.

(Gotham/WireImage via Getty Images)

Emily Ratajkowski is keeping things minimal on the cover of Vogue Australia.

For the fashion mag’s upcoming December issue, the multihyphenate Victoria’s Secret model, podcaster, bestselling author and mother sported a particularly sparse look consisting of a ribbed knit bra from Hermes, a Bottega Veneta coat draped around her arms and legs, and a gold ring from Bvlgari, as Bustle notes.

Ratajkowski posted the cover, photographed by Lachlan Bailey, as the lead image in an Instagram carousel showcasing other eye-popping outfits featuring $20,000 Gucci pants, a striped Chanel top and Cartier jewelry.

But on her Instagram page, EmRata allotted a second post for her most elegant and alluring Vogue Australia look: a Rabanne skirt made up of a golden feather collage and a matching, barely-there chest piece.

As mentioned above, Ratajkowski is also the author of the bestselling memoir My Body, in which she discusses her relationship with womanhood as a model who’s commodified her body. In the accompanying Vogue Australia cover story, she elaborates further on how society’s notion of “female empowerment” factors into the equation:

“I think that the problem with the term empowerment, and particularly when it pertains to women, is that it’s just so vague. Even the definition is just kind of ridiculous; it’s a feeling, essentially,” she said.

“The truth is that the reason that I was even able to publish my book and write about the things that I did was because I have 30 million followers from basically sexualizing myself. So it is important to realize that there is a level that you can gain as a woman by playing that game and hustling the system.”

Ratajkowski published My Body in 2021 while she was expecting her son with her then-husband Sebastian Bear-McClard, whom she divorced in late 2022. She also discusses divorce—and the stigma surrounding it—with Vogue Australia.

“I can’t believe there aren’t more books about first marriages failing,” Ratajkowski said. “I’ve read a lot of literature about divorce, but it tends to be about families ending after children have grown up. I do think so many women are divorcing at younger ages, and it’s such a taboo and there’s such stigma around it.”

She continues, “But ultimately, our world has changed so much because women are making, if not the same amount of pay, more money than their partners. And then also carrying the burden of the emotional and physical responsibilities, the labor at home. Marriage isn’t always as fair of a deal as it used to be, or at least how it was supposed to be. I’m not sure if it was ever a fair deal, so it shouldn’t be shameful for them to walk away from that shitty deal. I would like to write about that more.”

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