This Gubernatorial Candidate’s Insane Ad Is Just Him Shooting a Massive Machine Gun

The potential next governor of Missouri just dropped the most ballistic political ad ever.

Missourians: Are you looking for a leader that can stand up to “Obama’s Democrat machine,” truly knows how to fire an automatic weapon, and is also a Navy SEAL? Well then it seems Eric Greitens is your man.

Greitens, who won the four-way Republican primary in the Show Me state this week, has now dropped the most bonkers campaign ad we’ve seen so far this election cycle. The possible exception being that one where Rand Paul took a chainsaw to the tax code.

In the 30-second spot, which begins by accusing the Democrats of “trying to steal another Missouri election,” the SEAL, Rhodes scholar, and White House fellow is seen seated in front of a lake and for 13-seconds straight, fires a Gatling-style machine gun…in slow-motion. 

This isn’t the first controversial ad for the political hopeful. A June spot had him taking “dead aim at politics as usual” by firing an assault rifle that triggers an explosion. Check it out here:

Greitens is set to face off against Democratic attorney general Charles Koster in the state election in November.

While this is certainly the most notable TV spot we’ve seen, there are three months left in the election cycle, giving plenty of time for candidates to further off the rails.