This Former Bare-Knuckle Boxer Is FREEZING Himself Until Scientists Find Cure For Cancer

Just like Han Solo in “The Empire Strikes Back”…

Han Solo in Carbonite
Movie Still

In The Empire Strikes Back, Han Solo is dunked in carbonite and frozen alive as a punishment. Cancer-stricken former British bare-knuckle boxer Dennis Hobson decided to have himself cryogenically frozen on purpose, hoping he can be awakened in a future where there is a cure for the disease.

The Daily Mail reports that Hobson died in the second week of January at age 82 after battling cancer. Since his death his family has gone ahead and fulfilled his request to have his body taken to a lab in the United States and frozen at 320 degrees below zero. 

It’s a truly bizarre Hail Mary play for anyone who decides to have themselves put in a cryogenic state, reports the Mail:

Cryopreservation of humans is not reversible with technology presently available – but many people have faith medical advances will one day allow people to be ‘resuscitated and restored’.

The procedure is this: within a mere couple of minutes of the heart ceasing activity, the deceased is put on ice and injected with something that prevents their blood from clotting.

At the cryo lab patients are then further injected with fluids that preserve their organs and stop ice from forming inside. Then it’s in the deep freeze they go, with no Princess Leia to see them off. 

For what it’s worth, it’s illegal to do this procedure with a living subject, because it’d essentially be murder, given the whole “unable to reverse it” thing. 

It’s not sci-fi bullshit, though—the Daily Mail spoke with a Professor of “Surgical Science and Low Temperature Medicine” who told the paper that cryopreservation “has many useful applications in day to day medicine, such as cryopreserving blood cells, sperm and embryos.” It just doesn’t work on anything larger yet.

Hobson made a fascinating choice, especially given his advanced age, and if you think about it, what harm can there be? Still, don’t count on it as your solution to one day waking in a future life full of hot sex robots—you might just remain an icicle for the rest of eternity.