This New App Lets You Win Cash By Posting Tasteful Nude Photos

If you like risque pics, Eyecandy is the app for you.


(Photo: Getty)

Do you like looking at pictures of hot women? Are you heartbroken when a particularly sexy Instagram post gets reported and deleted before you can really enjoy it? If you’re nodding “yes,” we have good news. There’s a new app you’re definitely going to love.

Say hello to EyeCandy, the new app that lets users post “artfully sexy” pictures, including nudes, to compete for votes in hopes of winning some cold, hard cash.

Marketed as an “m-rated game that pits beautiful people against each other,” EyeCandy is the only platform that has less censorship and is pretty liberal with nudity, so users can post non-pornographic nude photos without getting reported. All for your enjoyment!

Here’s the setup: there are the models who post hot pictures, and there are fans who admire those hot pictures. The models collect “diamonds” from their fans, and obviously, the hotter the picture, the more diamonds they get, and the higher they rank.

With their diamonds, models compete for the coveted title of “EyeCandy of the Month,” and can win prizes, including photo shoots, social media promotion, a feature in a press release, and hefty cash prizes of up to $5,000.

As a fan, when you send a hot model some diamonds, she can send you a “wink” as a little token of her appreciation. 

When you collect enough winks, you level up from being a standard Fan to a GoodFan, then ultimately, you can become a SuperFan, which unlocks exclusive content and VIP perks. And we probably all want those VIP perks.

“Thanks for the diamonds…SuperFan.”

“EyeCandy is part America’s Next Top Model (competition), part Instagram (photo and video sharing), and part Playboy Light (topless only, m-rated content),” the app’s co-founder, Andrea Soni, told us via email.

“EyeCandy is to men what Pinterest is to women,” she added. “Pinterest is a niche platform that essentially caters to women. EyeCandy experiences the same phenomenon, but in reverse- with most of its users being men aged 17- 60.”

So basically, instead of scrolling through Pins of wedding decorations and Bundt cake recipes, you get to scroll through near-naked (and topless) photos of insanely hot women and send them diamonds to express to them how hot you think they are.

“We turn sexy photos into a fun game that encourages people to unleash their sexy alter-egos in a safe place that can be enjoyed by all,” Soni said in a press release.”

Sounds like a good time, right? Get the app here, and send some diamonds to the EyeCandy babes yourself.