Florida Man Interrupts Hurricane Matthew Coverage to Shout Out Harambe

Even a Category 3 hurricane can’t dampen passion for Harambe.


Despite facing the grave danger of a skeleton-faced Category 3 hurricane that Shepard Smith says will kill you and everyone you love, one intrepid Florida man put his remembrance of a life lost too soon before his own.

Which is to say he interrupted a local news crew to honor Harambe, the slain Cincinnati Zoo gorilla Internet hipsters have forever canonized as a meme, bellowing, “Dicks out for Harambe! Dicks out for Harambe!” 

The West Palm Beach resident cried out from his heart as reporter Farron Salley also braved the winds of the approaching storm and struggled to maintain a straight face.

This Florida dude is the hero that this storm needs. 

Never mind that Hurricane Matthew has winds of about 115 miles per hour, that the entire Jacksonville Metropolitan Area is at high risk of flooding and wind damage, or that evacuation orders are in effect in much of the state. Millennials need a very public forum in which to mourn our fallen zoo animal brethren.

h/t Thrillist