Florida Police Warn Gun Owners It Won’t Do Any Good to Shoot at Hurricane Irma

“You won’t make it turn around.”

Don't shoot hurricanes
Getty Images and NOAA

Hurricane Irma made landfall on the continental US early Sunday, bringing devastating wind and rain to the Gulf Coast side—and tip of—southern Florida. Apparently Florida’s ad hoc armada of citizen shooters pumping lead into the great storm’s clouds didn’t help.

Florida Man Ryon Edwards thought it would be funny to start a Facebook page titled “Shoot at Hurricane Irma.” It was pretty funny, until it was evident that a lot of people loved the page—tens of thousands of Facebook users—and there might be a few among them who would actually waste their ammo on clouds. 

The Sheriff’s office in Pasco County, Florida even felt the need to put out a tweet.

There are many problems with randomly targeting whirling storm clouds, chief among them being the issue with fired bullets inevitably coming back to earth again. It makes sense that law enforcement would be concerned about this.

Ryon Edwards confessed to Time that he was “amazed that anyone could see it as anything else than a joke.”

Irma is such a dangerous storm humor may be just as good a weapon as bullets to deal with it. 

Recent video and photos from Florida demonstrate there isn’t a gun anywhere that could get you out of this.