WATCH: The Moment A FlyDubai Jet Crashes in Russia

Weather was believed to be a factor.

A FlyDubai Boeing 737 crashed at the airport in Rostov-on-Don Russia Friday night. The plane went down after landing delays caused by inclement weather. There were 62 on board, 55 passengers and seven crew members. No one survived. 

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RT published a relatively brief video that appeared to capture the moment of impact. It showed dark woods and then flashes in the sky, followed by a brilliant explosion. 

A Russian air safety inspection official quoted by Russian and American press stated that investigation into the crash “could be prolonged” because several factors have to be examined: the weather, issues in the plane’s equipment, and the possibility of pilot or ground control errors. 

According to CNN, FlyDubai issued a statement which said the dead included “44 Russians, eight Ukrainians, two Indians and one Uzbekistani.”

Russia’s Tass said President Vladimir Putin expressed condolences to the families of those on board the plane. Those families will receive the equivalent of roughly $15,000 USD from the Russian government.

h/t CNN, RT