Frida the Rescue Dog, Who’s Already Saved 52 Lives, Is Searching For Mexico City Earthquake Survivors

Meet the heroic Golden Lab who’s become the Internet’s favorite first responder.

Look, the Internet is full of Very Good Dogs these days. They get rated daily on Twitter, always exceeding 10/10. Mutts are having a moment, basically.

No hound is bigger right now online than Frida, a Mexican Navy rescue dog. She has become famous from footage of her doing her job in Mexico City following a massively destructive 7.1 magnitude earthquake which struck on Sept. 19. 

Below, a sampling of Twitter responses to Frida.

Frida is a great dog, and she’s an unforgettable, hopeful symbol—a friendly-looking four-legged pal with cute goggles and booties snuffling through wreckage in search of life. 

However, we’d be remiss if we didn’t note that a lot of reporting on Frida has been in error. 

From Mental Floss:

But while Frida is doing important, life-saving work that’s every bit worthy of praise, some of the information surrounding her is inaccurate.

Several outlets have misreported that the rescue dog has saved 52 lives following Mexico’s earthquake, while in reality 52 is the total number of people she has located, dead or alive.

That doesn’t mean Frida’s heroism is fake news, though. She’s still a loyal and reliable rescuer doing good work, going into dangerous situations to do her job. 

Watch the video below—it’s in Spanish—to see just how intensive her training can be.