GAINSWave Is The Groundbreaking Sound Wave Treatment That Will Absolutely Enhance Your Sex Life

This revolutionary drug-free, surgery-free solution for harder, longer-lasting erections takes just 20 minutes per session.

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Men who suffer from erectile dysfunction or just want to enhance the hardness and duration of their erections should definitely consider GAINSWave, a revolutionary drug-free, surgery-free treatment that uses sound waves to dramatically improve your sex life via sessions that take just 20 minutes each.

We spoke to Dr. Stephen Kroth of PA Green Wellness, which specializes in GAINSWave treatments for guys looking to eradicate ED or simply want to be the best they can be in the bedroom. 

Here, Dr. Kroth answers some frequently asked questions about how GAINSWave works, why it will transform your sex life, and whether it’s right for you.

Dr. Stephen Kroth of PA Green Wellness

What is GAINSWave, and why it is so effective for treating erectile dysfunction?

GAINSWave is a tested and documented protocol utilizing acoustically generated pressure waves, which enter the body at a prescribed intensity, frequency and depth. These waves create a type of “healthy inflammation” which triggers a rejuvenation response in the tissue treated. 

With regular treatments over a short timeframe, this generates healthier and more responsive cells in erectile tissue. One of the earlier results is dissolving the micro plaque in vessels allowing for more blood flow and spiking the body’s natural nitric oxide levels. The long-term results are greater volume of erectile tissue and vascularization which is the increase in number of blood vessels.

Why would someone get this treatment instead of taking Cialis, Viagra or other ED prescription medication?

GAINSWave is a safe and powerful alternative to prescription medication. It also enhances the effects of prescribed meds (making them more effective or enabling patients to take smaller doses). However, the latter is only recommended in extreme circumstances.

Many men experience negative side effects with medication and do not like the limitations they present. Men should seriously consider utilizing GAINSWave if they are looking to treat the root cause of erectile dysfunction instead of just masking the symptoms. In addition to being one of the most beneficial solutions to Peyronie’s disease, men can also benefit from GAINSWave by taking a preventative approach to sexual wellness.

The body is a unique machine that needs maintenance, so, like changing the plugs, wires, and hoses on your muscle car, GAINSWave treatment is rejuvenating for tissues and vessels that create and maintain an erection.

What are the pros and cons of GAINSWave vs. ED medication?

No medication grows blood vessels, but the GAINSWave procedure does. The treatment also naturally spikes nitric oxide levels in the genitals, similar to a localized long-term Viagra response without the headache, facial flushing, nausea and tolerance to added chemicals in the body. 

Men with scar tissue, regardless of even being aware of it yet, can see marked reduction in this thickening, banding, and curving that can choke off blood supply and create “dead zones” of sensitivity. The wave can reach the prostate through the pelvic floor during treatment, which has only positive effects on this most critical organ for male sexual enjoyment and male sexual health.

Many men report improved orgasm intensity and length as a result. The expansion of girth seen with treatment adds to the base strength of an erection, giving it a foundation for penetrative sex. Sensitivity improves as does refractory period (more frequent erections) and spontaneous erections. 

The wave realigns the cells of connective tissue, promotes collagen growth and reduces pain and inflammation. This can result in previously retracted erectile tissue extending into more of the outer penis, ready for penetration and sensation. Some men report a normalizing of sensitivity, which means greater control over ejaculation timing and ability to sustain an erection in a condom.

There are no cons. Everyone sees something from a course of treatment. Regardless of a patient’s goals for reducing or eliminating medication, the treatment offers healing of the tissues that is just not possible with medication alone. Medication does not heal or improve the tissues – GAINSWave does.

How long does a typical GAINSWave treatment take and what happens during each appointment?

A standard treatment lasts about 20 minutes, a customized treatment for scar tissue slightly longer. The equipment we use at PA Green Wellness is an FDA Approved class I, non-abrasive medical device from Storz of Sweden, which produces an acoustic wave mechanically. 

By way of a hand-held wand, this wave is transmitted via ultrasound gel into the tissue for a set number of pulses at determined protocol settings that allow for customization. Thus, the selection, training and experience level of the technician plays an important role. Areas of treatment include the perineal triangle, root of the penis, entire shaft, glands, frenulum and lower abdomen at the base of the penis.

What does a patient feel during treatments? And are there any side effects or recovery time needed?

Because this treatment is non-invasive there is zero downtime, and patients are encouraged to increase their sexual activity that day and throughout the course of treatment. Every patient receives topical numbing for the first treatment, mainly for the purpose of comfort. 

Topical numbing is optional after the first treatment, based on patient comfort level. Patients can feel the wave enter, can hear the machine and pulses, and describe a sensation of feeling the tissue transformed. 

As far as negative side effects, there are none.

How many patients have you treated with GAINSWave, and how many of them have seen improvement when it comes to ED?

The PA Green Wellness team and I are known for our enthusiastic approach and the ability to customize treatments to accommodate special conditions. Our staff is mature and sex-positive, comfortable with every orientation and lifestyle. 

We have an over 95 percent success rate, largely due to the skill level of our technicians and our emphasis on incorporating multiple treatment options at one time that amplify results. I am not sure of the exact number of patients we have treated, but I can assure you that it’s in the hundreds.

How many treatments do most patients need?

The best results are seen between 6 to 12 treatments. Based on a patient’s age, health, medications and erectile-related conditions, maintenance treatments can vary from sporadic and rare to regular or on-demand. 

The environmental and health factors that led to the development of E.D. can persist, so just like obtaining a fitness level, it requires maintenance based on the individual’s personal standards. The treatment is safe and free from harm, so there is no such thing as too many treatments.

A recent study in the scientific journal European Eurology showed that GAINSWave increased erection hardness and duration in all 20 of the patients tested. What has been the overall feedback of the patents you have treated?

Everyone sees positive results, and not just related to strength and rigidity of erection. Improvement in orgasm, sensation, erection frequency, prostate health, pain reduction, growth of blood vessels, reduction of scar tissue, increased girth…all of these are real and attainable by average people. 

Additionally, patients have been seen to take the opportunity to improve communication with partners, expand their sexual expression, and notice tremendous empowerment in all areas of their life. Men do not seek this treatment to masturbate better, they seek the treatment to feel empowered and act on it, and to connect intimately with a partner more frequently in meaningful and fun ways.

Under what circumstances would you recommend GAINSWave to men experiencing ED?

Men with or without erectile problems will benefit from the therapy. I recommend men to take a preventive approach early on to nip any unwanted conditions to occur in the future while boosting their current performance. For those that are dealing with ED or Peyronie’s disease already, 

I strongly recommend they contact a GAINSWave provider to discuss treatment options. Men living in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Delaware, can contact PA Green Wellness for more information. Those living in other states should visit the directory on to connect with a doctor in their area.

Any male who does not have active cancer is a candidate.

Overall, how does GAINSWave rate as a treatment for men suffering from ED?

GAINSWave works at treating the root problem and promoting revitalized tissue. It’s not a “band-aid” just masking the symptoms, like medications. 

Also, it removes the undesirable effect of creating more symptoms requiring additional medications. GAINSWave is changing the tissue and turning back the clock. Medication cannot do what the GAINSWave procedure does.