HBO Goes to War With Pornhub Over ‘Game of Thrones’ Sex Clips

Celebrate by revisiting some of the show’s hottest NSFW scenes.


The near non-stop sex and nudity in HBO’s Game of Thrones is smoking hot, and everyone knows it. 

In fact, the show is so steamy that enterprising fans have uploaded hundreds of sex scenes to Pornhub, because it’s easier to jerk off to Khaleesi without sobbing at Hodor’s death (RIP), or, you know, paying attention to the complex plot.

As great as GoT distilled down to the hot hookups may sound, HBO is not pleased, at all,  so the network has filed a lawsuit claiming that by having Game of Thrones sex scenes on Pornhub, the site is breaching copyright. They want the videos need to be taken down immediately. 

HBO said in a statement to The Sun that the network is “aware of the issue and is in the process of getting material taken down from Pornhub,” suggesting GoT fans are going to need to catch the live broadcast and sit through the entire episode if they want to see Daenerys stroke some dragons.

(Photo: HBO)

Some of the most popular of the uploaded scenes are of Daenerys (obviously), Margaery Tyrell, who’s played by Natalie Dormer, and the prostitute Shae, played by Sibel Kekilli.

In case HBO succeeds with the takedown order, have no fear. You can still watch the Game of Thrones porn parody, Storm of Kings XXX. Believe it or not, it has even more sex scenes than the original series.

You can also watch a super compilation of sex scenes which features every butt, boob, and dick from the first few seasons, right here.