Watch an Alligator Get Devoured by a Bigger, Badder Alligator

It’s the circle of life.

To hell with dog-eat-dog: in Florida, it’s a gator-eat-gator world. 

According to the caption for a video uploaded to a one Alex Figueroa’s YouTube account, he was taking a leisurely stroll through a nature reserve near Lakeland in central Florida Wednesday morning when he happened to come across what he estimates to be a 12-foot alligator eating a smaller alligator. 

The video may seem a little savage, but there’s just something about watching wild carnivores eat each other that appeals to our primal instincts. 

We’ve seen more than our fair share of giant reptiles in the news lately, but we do have one last wish: We want to see how this 12-footer would handle something close to the size of this 800-pound mammoth

Come on Mother Nature. Make it happen.