Gelato Makers Are Adding a Special New Ingredient Called Weed

It really cools the hit…


Assuming you’re not too much of a stoner to follow the news from time to time, you’re probably aware that “special” brownies aren’t quite as special as they once were. Marijuana dispensaries and bakeries have been busily devising ways to incorporate the increasingly legal cannabinoid into just about every food imaginable. 

Now an Italian gelato shop situated in the coastal town of Alassio has hopped the edible train. In partnership with local marijuana advocacy group Canapa LigurePerlecò is offering its customers a delicious weed-infused gelato, dubbed Marley. 

The frozen delicacy is only legally available to those with a prescription, as marijuana can only be sold for medicinal use in Italy. But hey, if you happen to be in town and come down with a bad case of night blindness or glaucoma, find yourself a local physician, and let us know how it tastes. 

h/t Munchies