There’s Now a ‘Lord of the Rings’-Themed Cryptocurrency Called ‘JRR Token’

One crypto coin to rule them all.

New Line Cinema

Get ready to hold the one coin that rules them all when this launches: JRR Token, a Lord of the Ringsthemed cryptocurrency

As far as anyone knows, it won’t turn the owner invisible or into some pitiful, obsessed, bug-eyed creature like Gollum but you also won’t have to travel to Mordor and die in lava beneath the eye of Sauron just to trade it.

You know the crypto on offer is serious business with a trailer like that. Then there’s its website, which really leans into the Tolkien fantasy theme with pastoral music and images of the buried Hobbit homes in the Shire.

For the practical-minded, the folks behind JRR have published a whitepaper that lays out the kinds of details hardcore crypto investors really want to know. 

Whitepapers can be pretty dense and‘s is a PDF created using a very Tolkienesque font. Here’s a simpler breakdown from the website that tells what the coin is ($JRR is its proper name on crypto investing sites) and some of the benefits of stocking up on it:

JRR Token ($JRR) is a token based on the Binance Smart Chain, which rewards its Tokenites on every transactions, our commitment is to catalyze the existing network and organize the people towards a common goal of making JRR Token “The One Token That Rules Them All”

3% distributed to all holders

The One Token is generous to its Tokenites, you get rewarded by just holding. Every buy and sell gets paid amongst JRR Token holders in reflections. In short, the longer you hold the more tokens you earn.

3% added to the liquidity pool

The contract accumulates tokens on buy/sells and then adds them to the liquidity pool to create a solid price floor and increases the stability of the token for everyone’s benefit!

3% sent to a marketing/charity wallet

This Wallet will be used to engage in marketing campaigns designed to generate additional investment and exposure for JRR Token. Funds not used directly for marketing will be donated to a worthy charity and all information will be made visible for the Tokenite Community.

$JRR is serious. We know that because they even managed to sort of get the Lord of the Rings movie franchise’s fingerprint on the project through recruiting actor Billy Boyd to help advertise the coin. He’s the guy who played Pippin. If you’ve seen the movies, you’ll recognize him, maybe. He has a lot less hair in real life.

Investopedia defines airdrops in crypto as “a marketing stunt that involves sending coins or tokens to wallet addresses in order to promote awareness of a new virtual currency.” JRR Token’s airdrop period lasted from the end of July to August 5th. 

So what’s next? Here are instructions from the coin’s website on purchasing $JRR:

1. Download MetaMask or Trust Wallet
Head to and download their wallet to your phone or chrome/firefox browser.

2. Go to
PancakeSwap is where you’ll be performing the swap of your current tokens to $JRR

3. Get to the trade screen
Click “Connect” at the top right of the screen, and then navigate to “Trade” on the left sidebar.

4. Enter JRR Contract Address
Click on the “Select a Currency” button, and enter The JRR Token Address:

5. Adjust your slippage to 12%
Click “Settings” at the top right, and adjust your slippage to 12%

6. Swap away!
Enter the amount of JRR Token you want to buy

“Lord of the Rings” / New Line Cinema

If you are a cryptocurrency novice, a completely new coin like this might not be the wisest first investment—but in the end, as is the case with all cryptocurrencies, it depends on just how much risk you’re willing to take to hold on to your “preciousss” actual dollars.