Watch Gigi Hadid Punch a Grabby Creep in the Face

Hands off, jerk.

gigi hadid elbow Xposure AKM-GSI.jpg

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If you never learned to respect people’s personal space, let Gigi Hadid’s encounter with this grabby imbecile teach you an important lesson. 

As Gigi and her sister Bella exited the Max Mara fashion show in Milan, they were met with the typical hoards of paparazzi and fans asking for a photos with the two models. Gigi and Bell seemed happy to accommodate them. 

Then, a complete moron decided it’d be totally fine to pull a page from Borat’s Pamela Anderson playbook and pick Gigi up from behind. Tough-as-nails Gigi quickly delivered a sharp elbow to man’s face and called him a “piece of shit” as he hightailed it away. She can be heard telling her security detail to chase after him, but they don’t appear to heed the model’s command. 

TMZ reports that Gigi decided not to fire the security crew in charge of keeping things like this from happening, as she believes that the only reason the scuffle occurred was because the guards probably thought the man was a friend of hers.

The moral of this story? Don’t grab people you don’t know, and definitely don’t even think about touching a supermodel sporting a Metallica t-shirt, because they will probably try to knock you out. 

H/T Esquire