Watch a Guy Get Punched in the Face Multiple Times By a Pissed Off-Girl and Totally Keep His Cool

This viral clip really packs a punch.

A viral video showing a young woman relentlessly laying into a guy’s face is getting serious pickup right now. 

The clip starts off in what sounds to be the middle of an argument, with the woman accusing the man of calling her a pussy. 

Image: Purest Videos/YouTube

“…you called me that down there,” she says.   

 “I said we’re equal,” he responds.

At this point, things get ugly. She accuses him once more of name-calling, which he vehemently denies. Then she starts ripping into the guy’s face with left and right hooks. 

Image: Purest Videos/YouTube
Image: Purest Videos/YouTube

“You called me a fuckin’ pussy, bitch!” she screams as she tees off on the poor dude’s face.

After eating numerous punches, the guy just turns and walks away while explaining that he “can’t hit a girl.” 

Image: Purest Videos/YouTube

She chases him down and continues to taunt him, calling him a bitch multiple times, then she attacks the guy again before he’s finally able to escape the ridiculous encounter. 

Image: Purest Videos/YouTube

The viral video has sparked quite the conversation online, with many viewers questioning what they would have done in his shoes.

Responses are also flooding into the video’s comments section on its YouTube page. 

YouTube user aleqs said, “Wtf is that guy… If someone had punched myself like in this video, even if it’s a girl, she would have taken the same. I don’t fucking care about gender equality, no one can afford to hit you like that.”

User Red Chomp responded, “Good luck with that, watch what will happen when the guy gets thrown into prison, just the way shit works.” 

Without question, the man took the right course of action by not confronting her and removing himself from the situation.

h/t: Unilad