Dude Finds Sleeping Girlfriend In Bed with Another Man, Shares Viral Pics on Facebook

Hey, it’s better than killing him.

Viral cheating couple
Facebook/Duston Holloway

If Duston Holloway of Killeen, Texas, had done something crazy when he found his girl in bed sound asleep with another dude, even the courts might have gone easier on him than usual. “Crimes of passion” in many places will receive lesser penalties than your usual cases of assault and murder. 

Holloway, however, may be an uncommonly well-adjusted dude. He just decided to record the evidence and let the world know he’d discovered his girlfriend was a cheater. 

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And the world sure as hell knows now. Holloway’s little photo session blew up and the pics went viral as hell. That’s one way to handle a straight-up case of cuckolding—own up to it and embarrass your cheating partner in the process. 

Because social media reactions to Holloway’s tactic were pretty damn supportive. After all, what good would it have done to challenge the guy in bed to a fight? And even if laws that allot for someone losing their shit lead to lenient sentences, time in prison is still time in prison. It’s hard to not respect Holloway for this approach once you really think about it.

As for him, he appears to be doing fine now, based on this Facebook post from a few days ago.

https://www.facebook.com/tx.boy.duston/posts/10211332724346792″ tml-render-layout=”inline” tml-embed-thumbnail=”https://scontent.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-1/p200x200/18057766_10211336655245062_2711221556196650913_n.jpg?oh=42020deb2a898586bd66a2896b17df59&oe=5990D834

Pretty clever when you consider just how many offers he’s probably getting for a replacement girlfriend these days.

Nice work, Duston.

h/t Barstool Sports